How To Stay Strong When Your World Is Collapsing—Week 2!

Standing FirmLast week we talked about The Dark Night. This week I'm going to cover week two of the Standing Firm program that I offer and it's titled The Hero's Journey…Our Journey.


In his book, The Hero With a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell outlines some components of what makes the hero's journey. We'll look at parts of this in this post. But, before we talk about the hero's journey, let's consider some of the spiritual principles that will help support us in staying strong when our world is collapsing.

Building Your Spiritual Muscle!

When life is hard, a lot of us will turn to God for help, but because we don't do it often, we find our ability to be lacking. But, the good news is we can build that spiritual muscle, and we do it in the same way we build our physical muscle. We build the muscle by picking up something that feels bigger than us, and we learn that we are bigger than the thing we picked up.

It will get easier. This doesn't mean that there aren't times that we'd prefer for things to be different, but these are the that allow us to grow, if we let them!

Taking The Long View.

The Dalai Lama said, “One must learn to take a long view.” In other words, we must learn to look at our present difficulty in the context of our entire life story. This time is not the entire book of our life, just a chapter. It's ok to have a dark night, just don't let this dark night have you. When you can take the long view of what you're going through, it will give you the ability to be bigger than the thing you are facing.

The Hero's Journey!

Joseph Campbell defined the hero's journey after his research into culture, time, and history. It becomes a template for understanding our own experience of trials and triumphs.

The Departure

The first step in your journey is to leave some part of your life you've known. It could be a relationship, a job, or security. We may think, “I wish I would have done things differently.” The truth is, if we could have done it differently, we would have. We did the best we knew how with the information and awareness we had at the time. In the hero's journey, you get the call to become more. You're going to respond to the call to a greater life either willingly or unwillingly; either way, you will answer.

The Initiation

It's at this point in our journey that we cross a threshold; we get the news, and we feel betrayed. It may come in the form of the ending of a relationship, a business failure, or any of the other “bad” things that can happen in life. It is now when we become tested. If, in this test, we are vulnerable to this new situation. It feels bigger than us. It reveals a part of that we didn't know existed.

The Return

At the end of your journey, you will find yourself changed. You will not be the same person as when you started; you will be bigger than the circumstances that were the start of the journey.

Week 2 Conclusion!

In week two, we looked at the hero's journey that you must take to grow from your circumstances and start the recovery from your dark night. Are you struggling with your own dark night? Would you like to talk about it? Book a strategy session, and let's see what we can do.

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