How To Stay Strong When Your World Is Collapsing!

Standing Firm

Have you ever had a time in your life when your world seemed to be falling apart? Maybe you were fired from a job, lost a loved one, or got a divorce. These can all be devastating events in our lives. This month, I'm going to write about one of my programs called “Standing Firm When Your World Is Shaking™”. This program is a short, four-week program that you have to qualify for. The reason for the qualification is that I offer this program for free. If you are in a place in your life that is so bad that you need this program, you don't need to be worrying about money.

The four-weeks of this program are:

  1. The Dark Night
  2. The Hero's Journey…Our Journey
  3. Harvesting the Goods
  4. An Opportunity for a New Beginning

So, let's start by looking at week one of the program.

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The Dark Night

During this week, we'll look at where you are in life. We'll dig deep into your life and why you feel that the light is not shining on you. What are the circumstances or situations that brought you to this program? Each of us has either had a dark night, you're in a dark night, or you're going to have one.

My Dark Night.

I've experienced more than one dark night. A divorce, moving away from family, but the darkest when I admitted that I suffered from depression. Now, if you're a male baby-boomer, you know we didn't talk about this stuff, so it was tough for me to admit to. I was in my late 40s, and I felt like my entire world was collapsing around me. I didn't find my work very fulfilling, and my personal life was just going through the motions. I was driving to one of our “branch offices” and had to pull over to the side of the road as I was just racked with feelings of despair, and I knew I had to do something!

I called my doctor for a checkup and some bloodwork. With the bloodwork results and finding nothing unusual, he agreed with me and sent me off to “talk therapy” and some anti-depressants. If you know me at all, you should know that talk therapy isn't something I'm very good at. And the anti-depressants, well, that made me gain weight and at best made it so I didn't care I was still depressed.

My Fix…

After I finished with “talk” and weaned off all the medications, I figured that I would battle this for the rest of my life. Until I finally found something that helped. I discovered running and the “runner's high.” This isn't the perfect response for everyone, but for me, it worked.

So How Do You Beat Your Dark Night?

OK, running fixed that one dark night for me, but what about you, what can we do to fix your dark night? The first step is to sign-up for a free strategy session. With this conversation, we will talk about what you are going through and discuss how we can move forward in this free program.

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