How To Set Goals To Create A Life You'll Love!

GoalsAre you a “goal setter?” If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I am! I set weekly goals, monthly goals, quarterly goals, annual goals, and some goals that extend out three or more years. But how do we set goals that will move us towards a life we'll love?

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Why Is Goal Setting Important?

Goal setting is important because it helps you decide and focus on what's really important to you. Effective goal setting also allows you to measure your progress and visualize your dreams. Goal setting will help keep you accountable. And telling people about your goals can help you more likely to achieve them.

How To Set Goals!

What does goal setting mean to you? When you set goals, do you then ignore them? I bet if you're reading this page, you've set a goal or two in life but never achieved it! Many times people think they understand how to set goals, but they never quite get what they're after. One comment reason is that their goals aren't inspiring or compelling. You're much more likely to put time and energy into something that excites you, so your goals should reflect that. So, I'm going to give you three tips to help you set goals you'll love!

Goal Setting Tips.

Tip 1: Give yourself six minutes to brainstorm a list of anything you'd like to achieve, create, do, have, give or experience in the next 10 (or 5 or 20) years. Write as many things down as fast as you can in this time. Set a timer!

Tip 2: Now, go back over your list and write how long you think each goal will take; one, three, five, or ten years. Be realistic when you assign time estimates. Take only 90-seconds to get this done, so be quick and trust your gut!

Tip 3: Review your list. Choose your top four one-year goals. These should be the goals that make you really excited. Write a paragraph for each goal explaining why you will absolutely achieve this goal within the next year. This should take you 15-20 minutes total.

And Finally…

If your goals aren't private, share what you've written with a friend, family member, or another person you trust. If your goals are private, say them out loud to yourself. This helps make the goal-planning process more of a reality.

So, do you have goals? Do you need help in setting realistic goals that will move your life towards something that you'll love? Schedule a free strategy session! (It has been valued at $249.00) It will take about 30-minutes, and you'll come away with some great new goals!

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