7 Tips For Sticking To Your New Year's Resolutions!

New Year's ResolutionIf you're like a lot of us, you make some resolutions for the New Year…and like a lot of us, you'll break them rather quickly. If you don't believe me, go to the gym in the middle of January and then again around the first of March, do you notice a difference?

So how can you ensure that your resolutions don't disappear around Valentine's Day? Creating new habits takes time, energy, and mindfulness! The main problem is we like to have instant results, but good habits don't work that way. But, if you start a run/walk/run program, after a couple of weeks, you'll find that it feels wrong to skip a workout! Try using the following seven steps to help create long-lasting changes!

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1. Dream Big!

Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG) are compelling. I know last week I said to keep your goals attainable, but I also said that reaching for the stars can be good. You don't want all of your goals to be BHAG, but having two or three stretch goals is great to make sure you're not setting goals that are too easy for you to reach. A super ambitious goal will often inspire others around you. Some will cheer you on. Some will offer advice or will help you with training. Maybe others will offer encouragement on your journey. And others may offer to help in doing some tasks you have so you have more time to focus on your goals.

2. Break Your Big Dreams Into Baby-Steps!

Now that you have that big goal think tiny. Think about what you can do with what you have right now that will move you closer to your goal. Just getting that first step done can build your confidence to tackle and succeed at more difficult tasks.

3. Understand Why You Shouldn't Make A Change!

Until you understand why you have your old habits and routines, it may be hard to get the energy and will to take the path to change. Unhealthy behaviors like overeating and smoking have immediate, pleasurable payoffs as well as costs. So, when you're considering a change, take time to think it through.

4. Commit Yourself!

Make yourself accountable through a written or verbal promise to people you don't want to let down. That will encourage you to fight through the hard times. Some people will create a Facebook page devoted to their goals. You don't have to go that far, but make a promise to your partner, child, teacher, boss, or friends.

5. Give Yourself Some Swag!

Don't wait to declare yourself a winner until you've pounded through the last mile of your marathon or lost every unwanted ounce of extra weight. Health changes are often incremental. Encourage yourself to keep at it by acknowledging success as you tick off small and big steps on the road to your goal! Did you lose 10 pounds, celebrate with some new workout clothes!

6. Learn From The Past!

If your goal is something you've tried in the past and didn't succeed, consider the prior attempt as a lesson. You know a way not to try something. As the story goes, when Edison finally invented the lightbulb, he was asked how he kept going after 10,000 failures. He responded that they weren't failures, but he learned how not to make a lightbulb! Think about your prior attempts and why they didn't work. If you're trying to workout for 30-minutes a day, but your schedule is just too busy on some days, try and break it down to three 10-minute workouts, one before work, one at lunch, and one after work.

7. Give Thanks For What You Do.

Perfection is highly overrated! Set your goal on finishing that marathon, not on just running it. If you “compete to complete,” you'll be a winner even if you end up walking as much as you run. With exercise—and so many other goals we set—you will benefit even when doing less than you'd like to do. Any activity is better than none. If you set a goal for a 30-minute workout at the gym, but you only get in 10-minutes, feel grateful for that. It's enough for today. Tomorrow might be better!

Do You Need More Help?

This list can be used for all of your goals, not just New Year's resolutions! I believe you should be setting goals at least four times a year; I'll set them weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals plus some goals that will go out for years! Would you like some help in setting goals? Sign up for a free strategy session, and we can talk!

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