How Did I Do In 2019?

2019 ReviewWhen I started this year, I had some goals set out for this blog. I wanted to publish posts on specific subjects every Wednesday of the month. The only exception to this was on the fifth Wednesday of the month, and I got to choose the subject then. The first Wednesday was devoted to nutrition posts, and the next was for fitness. The third Wednesday was for travel, and finally, the fourth was for writing. So, let's see how I did!


  1. What Is The “My Plate” Diet?
  2. Can You Choose More Healthy Cookies?
  3. How To Save Money With A Healthy Plant-Based Diet?
  4. How To Help Loved Ones With Dementia Get Better Nutrition?
  5. What Foods Should You Avoid If You Have Arthritis?
  6. How To Improve The Nutrition For Your Next Picnic?
  7. Are Rice Cakes Really Good For You?
  8. Is Brown Rice Really That Much Better For You?
  9. Whole Eggs or Egg Whites?
  10. Is It Healthy To Microwave Food In Plastic?
  11. So You've Hit a Weight Plateau!
  12. What Happens to Your Body When You Overeat?

I made it every month! Some of these posts are just common sense (ok, they all are), but they cover topics we often ignore.


  1. Here Are The 4 Types Of Exercise You Should Do
  2. How Are You Doing With Your Fitness Resolutions
  3. How To Pack The Ultimate Gym Bag
  4. Did You Just Get Injured Forget Rice Call In The POLICE
  5. What Are The Best Exercise For Older Adults
  6. 7 Things To Never Ignore If You Have High Blood Pressure
  7. Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain
  8. 4 Novel Ways To Get More From Your Workouts
  9. Use These 4 Simple Tips To Boost Your Energy
  10. 4 Recovery Mehtods That Will Make You Feel Pampered
  11. So You Want To Be A Runner
  12. How To Use Exercise To Aid In Sleeping Better

Again, I hit every month with subjects I thought were worth talking about!


  1. What Is The Best Gift To Give Yourself In Retirement
  2. Is Using A Travel Agent The Best Way To Go
  3. Make Your Retirement Travel Fantastic With These 20 Ideas
  4. 8 Easy Tips For Safe Travel For Older Adults
  5. 5 Fantastic Travel Ideas Unique To Seniors
  6. How To Help Seniors Prepare For Safer Travel
  7. Is Solo Travel the Ultimate in Freedom
  8. Travel Insurance—Do You Really Need It
  9. 7 Beautiful Train Trips In The United States
  10. Is The River Cruise The Perfect Vacation For Seniors
  11. Is An Expedition Cruise Right For You
  12. 9 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Winter Travel

The travel category I tried to focus on tips and ideas for older adults and hopefully gave you some help in planning your next trip!


  1. Do You Have A Story In You To Share
  2. How To Be A Better Writer With These Tools
  3. ????
  4. Is Keeping An Electronic Journal Right For You
  5. Can Writing In A Journal Help You
  6. How To Use Your Journal To Overcome Life's Obstacles
  7. Can You Write A Memoir That People Care About
  8. 6 Creative Ways To Tell A Powerful Memoir
  9. How To Ease The Stress of Being The “Go-To” Person
  10. How To Create A Memoir That People Will Actually Read
  11. Writing Your Memoir- Here Are 8 Prompts To Get You Started
  12. How Did I Do In 2019

OK, in the writing topic, I messed up! I don't know what happened in March, but I totally missed it. I did cover a lot on writing a memoir and in journaling. If you didn't keep one, I hope I gave you some ideas to start! Of course for the December post, it was a review of the year instead of help in writing.


  1. What's On The Agenda For This Year
  2. Is It Time To Take A New Look At Retirement
  3. 5 Simple Morning Habits of Highly Successful People
  4. Why Should You Hire A Retirement Life Coach

In this topic, I tried to post on topics that I thought might interest my readers, including laying out what was in store for the year. I'll do another of those posts next week as I plan on changing things up some!

My Scorecard

Well, except for dropping the ball in March, I think I did pretty good. I was sidelined for a few weeks in September and October after having some surgery, but I had worked hard before that to write the posts beforehand. I would give myself a B for the year!

How about you? How do you think I did for the year? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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