Weight Loss Plateau, What To Do When You Hit One!

Man measuring bellyYou've been losing weight at a good 1-2 pounds a week, and you only have 5-10 more to lose and nothing! The scale hasn't moved in weeks, the jeans aren't getting any looser, and you're getting frustrated. What can you do? Well, I'm here to tell you pushing past a “stagnant” period to get to that long-term goal is hard work.

Don't worry; losing more weight is possible. Here are some common reasons the scales don’t seem to budge and some tried-and-true nutrition solutions.

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First, let's adjust the portions.

If you've already lost a lot of weight and you want to keep losing, you will have to adjust your portions so that you can lose more. Because you've lost weight, your body doesn't need as many calories to maintain itself. Many people need to cut back and simplify.

Measure your macros

More often than not, you're not getting enough of the two key nutrients that help keep weight off: fiber and protein. Up your protein intake, especially at breakfast and snacks. Of particular importance is your post-workout snack where something like Beachbody Performance Recover which contains the perfect mix of protein and carbohydrate to recover. These are fueling opportunities where protein is usually too low. Fiber helps you feel fuller and more satisfied, so aim to eat at least two cups of non-starchy vegetables at each meal to get enough.

Measure and keep track of your food. Beachbody's Portion Fix containers can help you do this. This will help you make sure you're meeting your macro goals.

Examine your sweets, treats, and cheats.

When trying to trim down, we can behave all week long and then really splurge on the weekend. This cycle can undo all of the clean eating you did during the week. It's critical you be honest with yourself about how often and how much you are “rewarding” yourself. Try shifting your focus from food rewards to some other type, like new workout clothes or a trip to the spa. This simple shift will make it easier to stay balanced all week long and avoid binge eating.

Take your measurements.

I see this a lot! And a lot of the times, it's being said by people who are already fit. If you're like me, you grew up being told the “scale rules.” But, the truth is, while it's a great way to track progress when you've got a lot of weight to lose when you're close to your target (10-20 pounds), it's not the best way to track progress. Body composition is the best way. If you're doing good workouts, you're building muscle and burning fat. Muscle is far denser than fat so that you can be losing inches but not weight.

Focus on your hunger and fullness, don't eat if you're not hungry.

Using a scale from 0 to 10, 0 being starved and 10 being stuffed, ask yourself before your meal how hungry you really are. The closer you are to zero, the harder it will be to slow down and pay attention to satisfaction. Instead of being a member of the “clean plate club” try and stop when you're at 5-7 on the fullness scale. This is just one more “little secret” to successfully managing your weight and busting through that weight loss plateau.

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