Is The River Cruise The Perfect Vacation For Seniors?

River Cruise Ship

Sure, maybe you've gone on a sea cruise or a good small boat cruise, but have you ever thought about a river cruise? A river cruise allows you to see counties from a different viewpoint. Plus, you have the ability to see the countryside that you can't see any other way! But is it right for you? Here are some reasons that make a river cruise a perfect vacation!

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Great Access To Cities And Villages

River cruises bring you access to some great international cities as well as small villages that are hard to get to any other way! Plus, there is no need to pack and unpack at each no destination! Your floating hotel takes you to each one. In a lot of cases, you can step right off the boat into the city or village! You can visit cities as fantastic as Vienna and Amsterdam along with charming and quaint towns such as Regensburg and Strasbourg.

Avoid The Crowds

River cruise ships generally take between 126 and 168 passengers, but some will accommodate up to 190! (See #5 in this post about small ship cruises!) Compare that to the ocean-going cruises which can handle thousands! With the smaller number of guests means boarding and leaving your ship is much faster! And when dinning, they have open sieating which allows you to meet and get to know your fellow travelers.

No Rough Seas!

With the river boat cruise, there are no huge waves to contend with! (Ask me about the cruise I was on where the swimming pools were emptying themselves due to rough seas!) Rivers are generally much smoother, even when the waves are big! On the river, you can always spy the shore! Plus, most ships will have at least a balcony window or maybe even a balcony you can step out on and watch the river life go cruising past!

Excursions and Tours Are Often Included

When you book an ocean cruise, you'll be presented with a list of shore excursions you can take; all at an extra cost! On a river cruise, there offer one or more tours a day! Usually, the tours are in the morning, but some lines offer afternoon tours as well. And they include these tours in the original pricing! A lot of cruise lines offer tours for different ability levels. Easy walking tours for those who are gentle walkers; more serious hiking tours for those more adventurous! Some tours are biking tours if you like to get around that way! Be assured, you can always find a group at your ability level!


River cruises are great for food, often including local cuisine! At breakfast, you can expect to be pampered with a great buffet and even an omelet station! And lunch, after your excursion, another fantastic buffet will be awaiting you. Or you may be able to order off of a menu! Dinner is ordered from the menu and usually includes a choice from two appetizers as well as a choice of soups! You'll have a choice of three or four entrees and desserts to round off your meal! There are also menu staples lick a burger and fries, salads, and more! Wine and beer is included with lunch and dinner! If you do have food allergies, they can, most likely, be accommodated; but check with your travel agent to make sure.

It's Time To Relax!

You can leave your fancy dresses, suits, and tuxes at home! Most men don't even bring a sport coat, and that's fine! There is the captain's dinner where some people get a little dressy, but not the degree as on the ocean-going ships. And make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes as you will want to take on those fantastic walking tours! And don't forget, the river cruise gives you a lot of time to relax. In the afternoon, after lunch, you can sit on the sun deck and watch the world go by! Or if you're like me, an afternoon nap is the best! In the evening, join others in the lounge of conversation, music and other special entertainment!

In Closing…

River cruises are great for people of all ages, but the perfection for seniors! They do cost more than an ocean cruise, but think of all of the benefits! And you'll get to see parts of the countryside that others only dream about!

Does this sound like a great vacation idea, but you don't know where to start? Leave me a comment or email and I can help!

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