How To Ease The Stress of Being The “Go-To” Person!

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Most families have one, you know, that person that everyone goes to when they need something, want something, have something that needs to be fixed or done ASAP! And some of us are the go-to person not only for family but friends too! Some of these go-to people are able to take the responsibility and add it into all of the other tasks that they are juggling. But, there comes a time, when there is one more, probably minor, task that sends the whole thing falling down.

Some friends or families will kick the stress level up a bit due to dynamics. For example, a family member may move far away, which can make caring for an elderly or sick family member more difficult. This can add to the stress on the family members living closer to the affected person.

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Let's Turn To The Journal!

Taking your pen to paper and writing about your experience can help deal with the stress. Use your journal to record how you feel about your circumstances. How does the added responsibility make you feel? How do you think the person you have to take care of feel about this? And if a family member moved away, how does that make you feel? What would you say to them? Don't edit your feelings, let them all flow! Remember, no one will read your journal except you!

By realizing that it is right, that you are the go-to person in your family can help you come to terms with it. This realization can help you to reduce, or even eliminate, the stress. And your journal can help you come up with ways to deal with it!

If You Are The Go-To Person And The Stress Is Too High

If you accept the responsibility of being the go-to person in your family, but your stress levels are still too high, try some of these calming techniques along with your journal. After doing one (or more) or these, write down if it helped and how it helped.

Conjure up calming imagery. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Recall peaceful scenes or situations that make you smile. For me, I like to think of lying in a sun-soaked rock on top of a mountain with visibility that goes on forever! Or, remembering my youth, when we often had puppies, how nice and peaceful it was to cuddle with them!

Take a nap. When we were little, we would fight naptime, but as an adult, naps are highly underrated. As I've gotten older, I've found naps to be essential to my stress relief. For me, 5-10 minutes is all I need to feel restored and relaxed. Some people need 15-30 minutes; the secret is to find how much you need!

Listen to music. Put something on that encourages you to dance or sing. If need be, put in some earbuds or headphones. Calming music can wash away the cacophony that surrounds you. If you have one, try some nature sounds like waves or a babbling brook.

Neaten up your environment. A messy environment; either work or home; can raise your anxiety levels and your frustration. Making things neat always feels like a huge step towards calm. Just don't let the cleaning become an added stressor in your life!

Slow down life. I know, you're going to say that you just have too much to do, but don't worry, you've got the time. If you slow down, you're less likely to make mistakes so you have to do something over. And by slowing down, you'll be surprised at how much you can really get done because you're not rushing around.

In Closing…

I use my journal along with my meditation practice to keep the calm in my life. Meditation allows me to reflect on what is going on with my spiritual and physical life. My journal allows me to reflect what is going on in my general life. My journal allows me to rant and rave at people and life. I get to yell and scream if I want. And when I'm done, I can close my journal and let it go. Or, if it's really toxic, I can tear out the pages and crumble them up (or shred them) and throw them away, along with the troubles!

Are you the “go-to” person in your family? How do you handle it? Let me know in the comments! And if you really need some help sign up for a free strategy session where we can look at how you handle it and how you can handle it better!

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