4 Novel Ways To Get More From Your Workouts!

Frustrated From WorkoutOne thing I hear a lot is, “I don’t have enough time to workout; they take too long!” Well, I’m here to tell you, you can kick up your workouts and take less time doing them!

One problem with people’s workouts is that they find a few moves that they enjoy and they’re comfortable with and they stick to it. They’re surprised then that the results are better. You have to mix up your workouts to get better results.

Below I’m going to give you four ideas you can use to get more from your workouts while spending less time doing them! Keep in mind, you don’t need to do all of these ideas at once, that would be a mistake. Instead, pick the one you think you can easily do and do it for 4-8 weeks, and then pick another!

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1. Increase Your Workout Density

Your workout density is the total number of exercise sets you perform in a workout. Most people will choose 5-6 exercises for their workout and they’ll do three sets. This is a workout density of 15-18 sets.

Now, let’s kick that up a notch. Try reducing your rest periods so you can squeeze in 4 sets of each exercise in the same amount of time. This one change will challenge your muscular endurance and your cardiovascular conditioning, which will give your metabolism a boost! Once you can do the 4 sets, bump it up to 5 sets in the same time!

Expert Tip: Put a time limit on your workouts to force you to focus. If you have to be out of the gym in 40 minutes, you’ll find less time to chitchat and take needless water breaks.

2. Implement a Tag-Team Approach

Many people find it hard to motivate themselves to push harder. That's why the tag-team approach is so good. (Runners do this a lot to get themselves faster by running with someone who is faster.)

Here's how it works:

  • Find a partner who is at about the same level of fitness as yourself
  • Work together to create a set of exercises you're both familiar with
  • Set a goal together to complete the workout as quickly as possible
  • One of you will perform the exercise while the other spots (or cheers you on)
  • As soon as the first partner completes the exercise, the second partner jumps in and completes it as quickly as possible
  • When partner #2 finishes and “tags” partner #1 back in
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat

There are two important benefits to this tag-team approach. First, you reduce your rest time because you only rest while the other is exercising. Second, there is an element of competition mixed with encouragement and support.

This strategy works really well for bodyweight workouts or those that require little equipment. If there are no weights to change or machines to set up, these workouts can be extremely fast and effective.

3. Slow It Way Down

I know, we’re trying to get our workouts to be faster, not slower. When we slow down our tempo, your muscles are spending a greater time “under load.” Your muscles are contracting to resist a force for a longer period of time, making them work harder.

Imagine doing 25 crunches. Most people would take 30 seconds to do this. But think about what would happen to your muscles if you had to lower back down to a slow 4 count. Now your muscles are taking 60 seconds or more for the same work.

By using a slower tempo, you’re more likely to create muscle tearing, which you need to build stronger muscles, with far fewer reps. You’ll spend less time in the gym having done fewer sets, but you will have challenged your body in ways it’s never seen before.

4. Mix Your Cardio and Strength Sessions

When people go to the gym, they’ll normally go with one purpose. It might be, “I’m hitting the weights today,” or “It’s a cardio day!” No who said cardio and weights can’t be done on the same day?

For people who are looking to get fast results, especially those looking to shed fat, mixing cardio and weights sessions is the way to go. This is called “concurrent training” and is a fantastic way to get more done in less time.

Let’s say for your cardio, you walk/jog/run on a treadmill. Grab some dumbbells, 1 or 2 sets, and place them on the floor beside you. (You want your equipment nearby so the transition time is short.)

Now, get on that treadmill and complete a short, challenging walk/jog/run for only 5 minutes. Hop off the machine and perform 2-3 sets of a dumbbell exercise such as lunges, before getting back on the treadmill.

Now, it’s time to compete against yourself. Get back on that treadmill and walk/jog/run for the same distance and in the same amount of time as your first interval. Follow that cardio set with another 2-3 sets of strength training before completing another cardio interval. Repeat this for 30 minutes and you will see just how challenging and effective concurrent training can be. (Go longer than 30 minutes if you want.)


If you're comfortable with your current workout, it's quite likely that you could use a radical change. Remember, your fitness will only improve when you force it to adapt to new challenges!

So, how are you going to change up your workout this week?

Are you looking for a quick workout? This one changes up things all the time so you'll get fast results in the shortest amount of time!

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