Is Solo Travel the Ultimate in Freedom?

Man getting ready for travelAARP did some research into adults, 45+, who have traveled for personal or leisure reasons in the past two years and who use at least one online travel website. They found that 37% reported taking a solo trip. The solo traveler audience is not huge, but it is very active. 81% said that they are likely to take another solo trip in the next year.

The solo traveler tends to be on the young side, 50-59 years old and is more likely to be single or divorced. The responders who are married are more likely to be thinking about solo travel.

A large portion of the 45+ travel audience shows no interest in solo travel. About 25% admit the idea of traveling solo has stopped them from taking trips they wanted to take.

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The Solo Traveler

Solo trips are most likely a result of not having anyone available to travel with at that particular time. Most solo traveling takes place domestically and without a tour group! Many travelers take these trips because it's someplace they want to see and they want to treat themselves.

Most solo travelers choose a destination they have been before, and most likely it will be a place they have been to with others. The destination of choice is overwhelming a city or town with beaches coming in a distant second. The solo trekker is looking for a laid back and relaxing vacation. Most consider the best part of a solo trip is simply the chance to get out of town and to do something to spoil themselves.

Those who take solo trips are so satisfied with the experience 81% say they will plan on taking another trip in the next year. This is not too surprising since very few indicate having experienced issues with planning their trip or having safety concerns.

If You're Just Thinking About A Solo Trip

Maybe you're just thinking about a solo trip, what AARP calls a “Solo Dreamer.” Most people in this situation are doing so not because of any significant change in their life, but because they want to. Like the solo traveler, the dreamer is likely to use online resources to plan and book their trip and not overly influenced by social media. And social media is definitely not where they draw their inspiration for taking such a trip.

The dreamer's true motivators is to go somewhere they want to go, an opportunity to treat themselves, or the chance to check something off their bucket list. Most dreamers have yet to solidify their plans, among those in the planning phase, 62% already know where their destination is, which like the traveler, is primarily a city or town they have been to before with friends or family. And like travelers, they look forward to a laid back and relaxing vacation.

Most people who haven't thought about traveling solo, most planners have little concerns about the safety of it. Those with concerns mention budgeting, solo fees, and identifying activities at their destination.

What I Think

While I do some solo travel, mine is mainly to family or on business. If there is someplace I really want to go, and my wife doesn't, I will consider traveling solo. I think it is a great way to see places that I really want to see and the flexibility to travel on my own, with my own plans would be fantastic!

Would you consider solo travel? What would stop you? Leave me a message in the comments below!

For More Information…

You can read the full AARP report here or they have a great info-graphic here.

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