7 Things To Never Ignore If You Have High Blood Pressure!

sphygmomanometer/blood pressure guageHigh blood pressure (HBP), or hypertension, is becoming more and more common, affecting more than 76 million Americans. The problem is that HBP is a very serious condition that can cause damage to your heart, brain and kidneys and it doesn't usually produce symptoms. If, like me, you've been diagnosed with HBP, stay alert for the following symptoms, don't just ignore them!

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1. Headache

All most everyone will get a headache now and again, and it's usually not a big deal. But, if you have HBP, you should pay more attention to them! They can signal an alarming increase in your blood pressure! Be especially alert to a headache that comes on suddenly, is very painful and is accompanied by other symptoms like blurred vision, one-sided paralysis of the face, arms, or legs, or confusion. It these symptoms occur, seek immediate medical attention by calling 911. For milder headaches such as those that come and go, consult your healthcare professional for guidance.

2. Chest Pain

High blood pressure is caused when the blood travels too forcefully through your arteries. This force can damage the arteries of the heart and cause a heart attach. If you have HBP, you should seek immediate mnedical attention by calling 911 if you are experiencing acute pain in your chest or mid-back, especially if it is accompanied by:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Sweating
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness

Never treat signs of a heart attach lightly, especially if you've been diagnosed with hypertension!

3. Swollen Feet, Legs, or Abdomen

If HBP damages your heart muscle, you may exerience some of the symptoms of heart failure. Never ignore:

  • Routinely swollen feet or legs, even if the swelling is reduced when you elevate them
  • Swelling or distention around your midsection, especially if your belly is firm to the touch
  • Frequent coughing, especially if it gets worse at night or when you're lying down
  • Periodic shortness of breath, or the inability to catch your breath after moderate physical activity
  • Chronic fatigue

If you develop any of these symptoms, consult your medical professional for help managing your blood pressure and any related heart condition.

4. Memory Loss

Hypertension can cause memory loss for a variety of reasons. HBP impairs the heart's ability to oxygenate tissues throughout the body, which includes the brain. Low oxygen levels in the brain can cause memory loss as well as other symptoms, like confusion. And long-term hypertension, especially if untreated, can cause cholesterol plaques to block small arteries (and blood flow) within the brain. Either of these conditions can cause memory loss, so you should report any cognitive impairment to your healthcare provider for further evaluation.

5. Sudden Change in Urination

A lot of people think of high blood pressure as a disease of the heart or blood vessels, but it can also take a high toll on the kidents. If you have HBP, do not ignore these sumptoms related to the kidneys.

  • Producing more or less urine than usual
  • Swollen feet or ankles
  • Abdominal or back pain
  • Itchy skin, which can be caused by excess urea levels in the blood due to poorly functioning kidneys
  • Nosebleeds, which can occur if reduced kidney function lowers the number of platelets in the blood

Make an appointment with your cardiologist or primary care provider is you develop sysmtoms that may indicate your HBP is affecting your kidney function.

6. Sudden Abdominal Pain

There is a large abdominal artery (aorta) and hypertension can cause it to bulge or even burst. This is a life-threatening condition called an abdominal aortic aneurysm and it must be treated promptly by a medical professional. You should call 911 if you have been diagnosed with HBP and experience:

  • Sudden, severe abdominal pain, often characterized as a “tearing pain” in the lower-left quadrant of your body
  • Pulsating sensation if you place the palm of your hand over the navel (belly button)
  • Deep pain in the lower back
  • Loss of consciousness

7. Vision Loss

The arteries of the eye are very delicate and hypertension can easily damage them. When this damage happens, you may experience distorted vision such as blurriness or total vision loss. If you experience even temporary vision loss in one or both eyes, be sure to follow up with your healthcare provider for an evaluation. Vision disruption may indicate your blood pressure medication needs to be adjusted, or you may need to make lifestyle changes, such as following a low-sodium diet, to better control your hypertension.

So, If You Have HBP…

Above, I've listed seven symptoms that you should not ignore if you have high blood pressure. The best advice is to make sure you have it under control and if you are carrying some extra pounds shed them. I know 99% of the cause of my HBP is the extra pounds I carry.

Above all, remember, I am not a medical professional, so if you have any questions about this, see your doctor. I have tried to keep this information as accurate as I can, and I believe it is true at the time of publication.

If you do have any questions on this or any health-related issues, let me know and I'll find the answers for you.

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