How To Ignore the Negative Voice in Your Head!

Choose A PathMost of us have heard them at one point or another; the voices in our head that says, “Just let it all be! Why worry about all that stuff that we're supposed to be doing?.” It is this voice of negativity, and for many of us, it has grown stronger over the years as a result of being around the wrong influences, thinking the wrong thoughts and making the wrong decisions.

Quieting The Negative Voice

Part of the solution to “shushing” that negative voice is to listen to the voice of success! We all have this voice, but chances are it is much quieter than the negative one. The voice of failure is so loud, the voice of success is hard to hear! Every time we tune into the voice of failure, we make it stronger! By hearing this voice, we are focusing on the negative things, the errors we made! Conversely, each time we listen to the voice of success, no matter how small the success is, we grow stronger. It doesn't matter if it's the simple act of turning off the TV so we can spend some time reading, opening our journals to record our thoughts, or to spend a quiet moment analyzing where our current actions might be leading us, each of these disciplines grow in strength and the volume increases each day!

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But The Voice Of Failure Is Still There

It's true, we can never totally silence the voice of failure within us. It will always be there trying to make us feel and act in a way that is contrary to our best interests. But we can silence the destructive influence by developing a sound philosophy and a positive attitude about our life and our future.

A New Philosophy

You might think creating a new philosophy is hard work, but it's not! Making new and better decisions is easy! Developing a new attitude us easy! Ub fact, all worthwhile and rewarding things in life are easy to do, but the major challenge—the one that would leave us with pennies instead of dollars, trinkets instead of treasures—that is easy not to do. We must keep watch over the subtle differences between the voices of success and failure and be on the looked for the inner prompts that would have us repeating costly errors rather than developing our new disciplines.

We need to make our own conscious decision to reach out for the good life with realigning our thoughts and examining the potential consequences of our accumulated errors. We must not let ourselves to think that the errors do not matter, they do. We must not allow ourselves to assume that a lack of discipline in one small area of our lives will not make a difference, it will. And we must not permit ourselves to believe that we can have all we want to have and become all that we wish to be without making changes in the way we think about life. We must!

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A Journey To The Good Life

The journey towards a better life begins with a serious commitment to changing any aspect of our current philosophy that has the ability to come between us and our dreams. The remaining pieces of the puzzle of life can be of little value if we have not first made the resolve to do something with this piece of the puzzle.

Everything Is Within Our Reach

Everything is within our reach if we will do the steps to get there. This means reading the books, using the journals, practice the disciplines and wage a new and vigorous battle against neglect. There are some of the fundamental activities that lead not only to the development of a new philosophy, but also to a new life filled with joy and accomplishment. Each new, positive activity weakens the grip of failure and moves us ever closer to the destination of our choice. Each new, disciplined step taken toward success strengthens our philosophical posture and increases our chances of achieving a well-balanced life. But the first step in realizing this achievement lies in becoming the master of our ship and the captain of our soul be developing a sound personal philosophy.

One of the best ways to start quieting your negative voice is with affirmations!

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